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Hotel Management System

Hotel Management System

Hotel management system is web application which we can also provide with local system as per client requirements. Here in this system we can maintain all data which is important and required to any hotel. We can manage room details, categories, charges, food categories, charges, customer details, identity, bills, food bill, laundry bills, etc.
There are two main logins:
1. Admin Login
2. Receptionist Login

By using these logins admin can make secure important data. Various types of reports are also available for this application. We can search reports by dates, customer and room no, etc.

Functionalities Included in Hotel Management:

  • Manage Room Details

  • Manage Food Details

  • Laundry Details

  • Employee Details

  • Employee Attendance

  • Daily & Monthly Reports

  • Daily Expenses

  • Room Booking

  • Add Food & Laundry Charges

  • Emergency Contacts

  • Final Billing with Laundry charges & Food Charges, With other charges (if applicable) % Discount (if applicable)

  • Expense & Collection reports

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